The concept for the CaaB is sort of like a Boom Box:

Boom Box (image credit: Sorin Mares)
Boom Box (image credit: Sorin Mares)

The boom box is powerful and portable, and so is the CaaB, it packs a punch for it's size, and it's fully portable.


The design of the CaaB is to be similar in that of a boom box, a wide rectangular box with a handle on top. It would fit a router, four ODroid HC1s, a PSU, some cables, and some special OLED Display toys (I'll cover what those are in hardware). One of the sides would swing open to reveal the innards of the device, while the other would have USB, my OLED displays and other ports plus a switch or two.


The hardware required would be:


That's the idea, I'll be back soon with more precise details, and watch this page for updates, because it will be updated.